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Pressure Washer Cleaning a Weathered Deck


The Patio Doctor, where we bring life back to your outdoor spaces with the magic of high-pressure cleaning!

Our Mission

We take pride in restoring the beauty of your patios, driveways, gutters, garden furniture, and more at The Patio Doctor. We've mastered the art of high-pressure cleaning with a team of committed specialists and over 3 years of hands-on experience to give your outdoor areas a fresh, gleaming look.


Unleash the hidden beauty of your patio with our meticulous, high-pressure cleaning.


Say goodbye to stubborn stains and hello to a pristine driveway that welcomes you home.


Keep the flow smooth and efficient with our expert gutter cleaning services.

Garden Furniture

Let your garden furniture shine again, ready for you to relax in style.

Why Choose The Patio Doctor?


Your satisfaction is our priority. We go the extra mile to ensure you're delighted with our services.


We are a local business based in Harpenden, near London, and serve a 20-mile radius area.


Witness the transformation as we bring back the original charm of your outdoor spaces.


1. Contact Us: Get in touch for a friendly chat about your cleaning needs.


2. Assessment: We'll assess the areas to be cleaned and provide tailored solutions.


3. Magic in Action: Watch as we work our high-pressure cleaning magic, leaving your spaces looking as good as new.


Ready to give your outdoor spaces a makeover? Contact The Patio Doctor today for a quote or to discuss your high-pressure cleaning needs. We're here to bring life back to your patios, driveways, and more!

07535 027001

Opening hours
7-days a week: 8am to 8pm


I have my own Karcher power washer and have used it to clean my drive and patio however due to time I thought I would get it professionally done. I was shocked at how different it looks. Bryan at the Patio Doctor did a phenomenal job and in half a day did what would have taken me a weekend to do to a much better standard. My garden looks lighter now the pavers and the moss covered side path are their true colour. Bryan was very professional, cleaned everything up, was on time and did everything he said he would do. Spend your valuable time doing what you need to do and get the professionals to sort your patio. Highly recommend the Patio Doctor.


What a great Service! This company has top of the range equipment and a great attitude to getting the job done to perfection. They are so helpful, and survey the area keenly. They will advise you on any actions that are needed to repair flaws , or discrepancies, and will get the work carried out for you . My patio was left like new ,kerbs replaced , and a new design also added to the patio area . Overall I'm delighted with the finished product and it saved me a substantial amount of money by replacing it .
Well done Brian and Thanks again
Pressure cleaning

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